Thursday, November 20, 2014

Never, Ever, Give Up!

I’m sure most all of you have seen it…a cartoon of a pelican with a frog partially down it’s throat. The only reason the pelican has not swallowed the frog is because the frog has his hands around the pelican’s throat! If the frog gives up and let’s go, he dies. But if he can just hang on another second…who knows…maybe the pelican will spit him out!  My daughter drew this cartoon for me when I was the training supervisor for my former law enforcement agency and I hung it next to the exit door at our training center classroom. I did it as a reminder for very officer who came and went as a reminder that you never, ever, give up! YOU UST BE AN ACIVE PARTICIPANT IN YOUR OWN RESCUE!  This is true whether you are military, law enforcement or an armed citizen.  
One of the best examples I have ever heard of this attitude…and most humbling stories I have ever heard… involved former Navy SEAL Mike Day who was shot 27 times by insurgents and lived! Below is his story from Liberty Unyielding an online newsletter:
“Former Navy SEAL Sr. Chief Mike Day made the first “real prayer” of his life in April of 2007. It was during a close-quarter exchange of gunfire between him and four al Qaeda terrorists. He was shot more than two dozen times. God listened. Although his story took place more than 7 years ago in Iraq’s Anbar Province, it’s only now being heard. Day’s body armor, designed to absorb but a single round before disintegrating, went above and beyond by taking multiple strikes at close range. “They advertise that it can take one round, and then it falls apart to the point where they say that it’s not supposed to stop anymore projectiles,” Day told CBN News. “And this whole gunfight was inside of 10 feet.” CBN reported:
That’s just one part of the miracle. On the night of April 6, 2007, in Iraq’s Anbar Province, Day’s team of Navy SEALs and Iraqi scouts were on the hunt for a high-level al Qaeda cell. Day said the terrorists had shot down two helicopters, killing everyone on board. Being the first one to enter a 12×12 room where four al Qaeda leaders waited to strike proved to be almost deadly for Day. “Upon entering that doorway, they all just opened up on me,” Day said. “It felt like somebody was just beating me up with sledge hammers.” It was then that his thoughts turned to his wife and three daughters. “After I’d figured out I was getting shot I said, ‘God, get me home to my girls.’ That was my first prayer to God, real prayer, and He answered it,” he added. When the smoke cleared, the score was Day, four, and terrorists, zero. The SEAL accomplished his mission, but at a price. He took 27 bullets and was hit by grenade shrapnel to do it.
“People hear about my story and they can’t believe it. I was there and I can’t believe it,” Day said. “I got shot 27 times — 16 in the body and 11 times in my body armor. I was shot in both legs, both arms, my abdomen. You throw a finger on me, anything but my head, I got shot there.” Seven years later, he’s still in constant pain, and suffers from both post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Day now dedicates his life to assisting other wounded warriors for the Special Operations Command.”
According to an interview Mike did with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Mike lost his M-4 carbine early in the confrontation as it “was shot out of my hand. I transitioned to my pistol and continued the fight.” Mike “took out” all four Taliban and saved his own life against over whelming odds. While Mike credits God for part of his victory there is no doubt that he is an active participant in his own recue due to never giving up both during and after his horrific gunfight. Mike Day is an example for all of us who may go in harm’s way.

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