Thursday, May 5, 2016

The inter-net idiot: The desire for notoriety must be great!

According to Mr. Webster, the definition of “idiot” is as follows:

An utterly foolish or senseless person, a buffoon:
If you think you can wear that outfit to a job interview and get hired, you're an idiot!”

In times past, it was a clinical definition for the mentally handicapped that indicated a grown individual who had the mental acuity of a three year old. Of course, this is no longer used, as it is obviously offensive to many, though I sometimes wonder if it should not apply to the current generation of inter-net troll as they so often act like a three year old. No, more like a girl in Junior High/middle school…yeah, that would be just about the right age for the behavior these people display while on-line.

I have been on the receiving end of such juvenile behavior, behavior I know would not exist if the idiots involved were required to do so face to face. Why do they do it? I believe it is just like the junior high girl, it is a way to raise their profile in a world where being recognized is important…where they want to be recognized as an authority. They feel the need to stand above the crowd; the problem is they have no real skill, knowledge or reason to stand out so they do so by being “snarky”, disagreeable, mean and hateful in such a way that would get their ass kicked if they could not hide behind their keyboard.

Its not just the gun portion of the inter-net, it is every where. My wife likes to log in to home decorating and clothing sites/blogs to see what is new and notable. She tells me there are some great ideas out there, but the people who go out of their way to me mean spirited should be prosecuted. I do not know who THE PIONEER WOMAN is, but my wife says she has some interesting stuff to say and has made a great deal of money doing so. Good for her. She also told me there is an opposing web site called “I hate the Pioneer Woman.” What in the hell is that all about? I would suspect a HUGE dose of jealousy, just like the junior high girl. If you don’t like someone’s ideas, what ever happened to the courteous and professional way of offering an opposing viewpoint with well thought out, documented reasons for said opposition? You know, offer a logical counter-argument? I really believe these people are not smart enough to do so, thus they launch a verbal tirade that is borderline obscene, which is the hallmark of the idiot. Who reads this dribble? Like-minded folks who want to be something they are not and do not want to take the time or effort to develop, so they pile on in an effort to make their miserable lives seem more important. If your life sucks, make it better…don’t lash out at others, you piece of shit. Wow, that felt good even if it was a waste of time and effort. You see, this has NO AFFECT on the idiot as it is their M.O.

Recently, Panteao Productions posted a promotional photograph of me to help promote my upcoming video. It was a single photo of a moment in time of a simulated struggle in which it appears I have my pistol pointed in the direction of my arm on the other side of my opponent’s head. Anyone who looked at the photo can tell it was two bodies in motion, but to those who were just looking for a reason to lash out and raise their profile it was the perfect opportunity. Surprisingly, I saw several people I personally knew…and know THEY should have known better…also pile on so I’ll remember them as they are not the professional I thought. Idiots take all shapes and sizes in their non-internet life.

Of course, the safety at all costs Nazi’s started laughing about how I would shoot my own arm and at that mille-second of time that might have been true (though I don’t think so and I was there) but that is what a fight is about…it changes constantly and you don’t get the chance to fight safely. In a close quarter struggle involving a gun there is a real possibility it might be pointed at you are someone else and it has happened in the real world. While fighting to save my life I might shoot my arm…a small price when considering getting shot in the chest or head if I loose the gun. It all a matter of going home at the end, but the inter-net idiot does not care to think of reality…they like hate speak…

Fighting safely is a great concept…to bad its ill conceived and those that think it is possible are people who have never actually been in a real fight for their life struggle. If you punch someone…and you will in a fight…there is a good chance you will injure your hand, even if you don’t throw a closed fist punch. I know as I have done it. You might also get punched in the head…done that too…and t will affect your ability to fight. Damn! I just wish I could fight safety…that would solve all of these problems.

Those who have been in real world conflict will give you a list of personal injuries they have suffered…those who have been in such occupations understand this going in and those that talk about it like they read it in a book, well…probably read about it in a book and have no idea what they are talking about. Another trait of the idiot…

Yep, it’s easy to spread silliness on the idiot-net and those who want to raise their profile while spending NO time building a reputation, real world experience or any knowledge base at all, for that matter, will continue to do so. As an armed professional, it is your job to know what is solid info and what is hate speak. I have come to realize the best thing to do is give these people NO notice what so ever. If you try to reason with them, or worse yet argue with them, all you do is fall right where they want you! Now you have given them recognition …the notoriety they so desperately desire…because they want to be where you are! Or at least this is what I am told by my many students who just shake their heads at such antics. These folks know to just ignore the idiot as they are professionals.

Last but not least is the fan boy…the person who follows a particular celebrity (or instructor) like a teenage groupie following a rock band. This is more adolescent behavior from grown ups (idiocy), which I do not comprehend. These folks are the ones that attack others on line so their guru does not have to. I have been told the guru himself oftentimes directs these attacks! This is just too weird for a real grown up to wrap his head around and is certainly deserving of the idiot definition listed above.

This is the new normal for the firearms training world…I do not see it changing anytime soon. All I can say is those who are truly students of our art PLEASE ignore these people! If you don’t read their silliness, maybe hey will dry up and go away. It is my sincere hope they will grown up and go away! Finally, if you are new to all of this and are not sure what type of person I am talking about, just stand by and read the comments listed below…they WILL show up at some point and show us just how big an idiot they really are!

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  1. Hey Dave, you were kind enough to do a review of the 2nd Edition of my book, "The Law of Self Defense" two or three years ago, and I'd like to send you a review copy of the 3rd Edition, launched just this week. Check your email, you should have a message from me asking for a mailing address for you.


  2. Good article! Having been the COO of a $100M company and a city manager, I completely agree that many people show Thor idiocracy regularly. I always try to patiently explain reality to them, but 9 out of 10 don't care.

    In regard to combat, I have broken fingers, been cut with a knife, punched and kicked. There is NOTHING safe about combat.