Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sights by Heinie

I do not hide that I created the Ameriglo Combative Application Pistol (CAP) sight...I'm proud of them!  They were designed for fast acquisition, a true “flash” front sight picture of the type required in a close quarter pistol fight…if you have the ability to use the sights at all! To align one merely places the front square in the rear square. They were never intended to be used as a precision sight for long shots of 25 yards plus. That said I use mine to hit a 3 x 5 card at 25 yards all the time. You just need to know “what to look for” and where to hold…a process of discovery.

In most every class I teach, the topic of gear comes up…what belt to wear, what holster to use, iron sights or red dots…gear is easy and certainly more fun than building skills.  That said, gear will never replace skill. It can certainly enhance it, but only after the skills are mastered and anchored…a long process to be sure.

In this inevitable conversation, I always get the question “if you couldn’t use the CAP Sight, what sight would you use?” Easy…Heinie. As a matter of fact, I have Heinie Sights on several of my pistols and I have no intention of changing them to CAPs. Heinie Sights are clean, highly visible and accurate across a wide range of uses. Of course, I paint the front sight  for faster acquisition, something easy to do and takes just a few minutes, some finger nail polish and a tooth pick.

I first saw a pair of Heinie Sights on an FBI Browning Hi- Power around 1990. I was President of the Ohio Tactical Officers Association and one of the speakers at our annual conference was an FBI Agent who had recently transferred out of their Hostage Rescue Team.  During a private conversation on pistols, he showed me his Hi-Power (he was allowed to continue to carry it on regular agent duties he told me) and it had a set of sights on it I had never seen. He told me they were Heinie Sights and he preferred them to the Novak Sights that were (then) in use.

Fast forward several years to the 1995 SHOT Show. I ran into good friend Lou Alessi (may he rest in peace!) the master holster maker. Lou was talking to a gentleman in the hallway and he introduced me, “Dave, I would like you to meet Dick Heinie, I make a several holsters exclusively for him.”  I have been friends with Richard Heinie ever since. I have a hard time calling him Dick (I reserve this for those who really are dicks!), though Louie seemed to enjoy it!  I have always used, and continue to use, Heinie Sights to this day. Even as I created my own, Richard and I have stayed friends…though it is only fair to state the Spaulding version of the CAP Sight was greatly influenced by my Heinie Sights with the painted front.

Why do I say this? Because so many people have taken Richard’s basic design and have given him ZERO credit!  While my Spaulding CAP Sights do not look like his, my preferred view from the rear was taken from his sight…colored front, square notch rear with serrations all around.  All one needs to do…if they are capable of true, independent critical thought and not some lovelorn fan boy mode of thought…is look at Richard’s sight, note how long he has been in business (over 40 years!) and then look at the popular sights of today and the similarity is obvious.

I have Heinie Sights on my Smith & Wesson M & P and Unertl MEU-SOC 1911…the Unertl sights were a custom fit Richard did for me himself.  Both of these guns have slide cuts for factory sights, which lowers the Heinie sight into the slide, lowering their profile.  I have never really understood the desire to place a set of tall sights on a concealment pistol. I have seen students go out of their way to get a compact model, have a carry bevel package performed to remove sharp edges and corners and then place a set of sights on their gun that can sit as high as ¾ inch over the bore line!  To each his own, of course…but does this seems to be a bit of a cross-purpose?  I like my sights to be as close to the bore line as possible while also being high visibility, which is why I like the Heine models that fit into existing slide cuts.

Another thing I like about Henie sights is the fact they are constantly updating, testing and adding new products four decades later!  From the Henie web site:

“All HEINIE SPECIALTY PRODUCTS sights have been fully tested on the pistols they have been specifically designed for. For example: Glock, Springfield, H-K, Kimber, Colt, etc.

All of our sights have been tested on newly manufactured pistols. We try to use at least two or more pistols to base our sight specifications/designs on. All sights are tested by at least two qualified people. They are test fired shooting in a standing position and using a bench. We try to obtain as many different loads and bullets as we can for testing.


Your bullet may not strike where you want it to hit, which may be due to many causes. For example: manufacturer's tolerance, ammo or the way you are shooting. Also if you had adjustable sights previously and install a fixed rear sight, it may not be the same POA/POI.
We are constantly retesting pistols on a regular basis. Manufacturers change and do not tell us that there may have been a change.

If you tell us your pistol is shooting 8” or 12” low or high or any extreme variation, Heinie will not replace or offer a sight to correct that problem. When this type of discrepancy happens, it is most likely the way you shoot, the type of ammo, or a different sight was installed instead of what was intended for the sight set.”

Note the last sentence…most sighting errors are the shooter, not the sight!  Its easy to blame the object and not the user, but if we are really being honest with ourselves, POA/POI errors are usually us!

There are a lot of sights on the market …which is good as sights are a very personal thing…and Heinie deserves your attention.  Yes, I would like you to try the CAP Sight but if it doesn’t work for you then my next stop would be I know it is for me…


  1. Great article, and very commendable to recognize those who influenced you.

    BTW, I will try your sights because I love Heinie's products.

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